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The US Festive Romance Index: These are the most festive romantic states in the US

New York in winter season

Christmas is often regarded as one of the most romantic times of the year, where families come together, and couples get to spend their December exploring festive Christmas markets while drinking mulled wine, snuggled up in thick winter coats. It’s no surprise then that festivity and romance go hand in hand with one usually enhancing the other.

In the US Christmas takes on a whole new meaning with each state competing to be the most festive. Houses are decorated with Christmas lights, gardens with decorative ornaments, each state has its own version of Christmas markets and ornate Christmas trees are erected in the name of merriment.

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Therefore, we’ve created the US Festive Romance Index, looking at the US states and ranking them on factors such as Christmas spirit, romance, how much it snows each year and which states have the most beautiful scenery to determine which states are best to visit for couples looking for a romantic getaway during the Christmas holidays.

Read on below for the full results of our US Festive Romance Index.

Radio City Hall (New York) at Christmas

Radio City Hall (New York) at Christmas


Ranking in the top spot for the most romantic festive state in the US is Washington, with Pennsylvania not far behind.

Known as the ‘evergreen state’ Washington hits the top spot for the most romantic festive state. The state scored top marks for Christmas spirit ranking number 1 which is evident in the state’s wide variety of Christmas themed events. Interestingly the state also scores top marks for romance, ranking as the 5th most romantic state in the US.

Pennsylvania and Wisconsin came in a close second and third. Home to the aptly named Christmas City, Pennsylvania ranked the highest for the hours of holiday music streamed as well as having the second most Christmas tree farms of any state at a staggering 962.

All the top three states scored highly in the amount of Christmas trees cut annually with a total of 2001 Christmas tree farms between them.

Seattle skyline in winter season

Seattle skyline in winter season

Following Washington, the full top 10 most romantic festive states are:

  1. Washington
  2. Pennsylvania
  3. Wisconsin
  4. Maine
  5. Missouri
  6. Colorado
  7. South Dakota
  8. Virginia
  9. North Dakota
  10. Massachusetts

It was interesting to see that states with the highest Christmas spirit did not necessarily rank well for the friendliest states, bringing their rankings down. Maine and Virginia have top scores for Christmas spirit but were regarded as some of the least friendly states in the country.

Shockingly some of the states that tend to be associated with Christmas the most such as Arizona and Alaska didn’t rank highly. Alaska is even home to the tiny town of North Pole that has Christmas decorations up all year long and yet ranked second to last at 48th place. The results are telling, Arizona has just one Christmas tree farm although it’s the largest state in the US and the people are regarded as being the least happy in the country.

New York, home of New York City that has featured on a myriad of Christmas movies from Elf to Miracle on 34th Street, came up at 23rd place. The state scored generally very well for snowfall with 55.32 inches of snow a year and a high romance score which is telling when looking at the opportunities in New York City during the festive period. Carriage rides in Central Park, ice skating at the Rockefeller Center and The Lights at Saks Fifth Avenue all provide the perfect mix of romance and festivity. However, New York is ranked as the least friendly destination out of all the states and has one of the lowest Christmas spend per person.

Philadelphia Christmas Market

Philadelphia Christmas Market


To create our US Festive Romance Index, we looked at the following factors:

  • Snowfall
  • Christmas Spirit
  • Christmas Trees Cut
  • Christmas Music
  • Christmas Spend
  • Romantic States
  • Happiest
  • Friendliest States
  • Most Beautiful States

Using these categories, we established an overall US Festive Romance Index score by scoring each country out of 5 across the categories and totalling this together, allowing for the highest available total score of 50. Where there was a draw in the total score, we used the Christmas spirit as the ranking factor.

Full dataset available on request.


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