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Top 5 Beaches and Hiking Routes in Spain

Top 5 Beaches and Hiking Routes in Spain

Twinings or Tetley? Bieber or Buble? Jam first or cream first? Daily life is full of contrasts and tourism is no different! Here at Civitatis we want to add to the fun with one of the most famous holiday debates, sea or mountain? Check out our top 5 beaches and hiking routes in Spain.

Menorca Coves

The Balearic Islands are a natural paradise in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. From cobbled streets, and delicious cuisine to its unbeatable atmosphere, there’s so much to offer. To add to that are its dream beaches and coves. Although all the islands have their own particular charm, Menorca’s coves have to rank in the top 5 beach destinations in Spain. Macarella and Macarelleta are undoubtedly the best coves in Menorca. They’ll be sure to convince you that a sea destination is for you!

Macarelleta Cove, Menorca

Picos de Europa

Fans of wild nature, hiking and animals can’t miss out on visiting the majestic Picos de Europa, the jewel of northern Spain par excellence. This immense mountain range that stretches across Asturias, Cantabria and León is one of the largest Atlantic Forest Reserves in the world. The underrated destination is full of spectacular dramatic scenery and definitely sits within the top 5 hiking routes in Spain.

Exploring the area, you’ll see perfect postcard images, such as the Covadonga Lakes, the Bulnes Orange Tree and the River Sella Passage along the Cangas de Onís Roman Bridge. This landscape is worthy of a visit at least once!

Covadonga Lake, Picos de Europa

Las Catedrales Beach

Did you know that one of the most unusual beaches in Spain is in Lugo? Las Catedrales Beach has become a must on any route in Galicia because of its imposing rocks that rise up on the shores of the Atlantic.

As a result of the sea, the rock arches and the caves are only visible when the tide is low – a true natural spectacle! A must within the top 5 beaches in Spain! You can enjoy this unique landscape with the Las Catedrais Beach and Ribadeo Tour.

Playa de las Catedrales
Playa de las Catedrales

Las Médulas

If you’re not sure whether you’re more of a beach or hiking route fan, it’s because you haven’t visited Las Médulas de León. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was an ancient gold mining location in the times of Octavian Augustus. Both the history and the landscape of Las Médulas are truly fascinating. They are actually unknown to many travellers so it definitely deserves a spot within the top 5 hiking routes in Spain.

Las Médulas

Beaches of Cantabria

Cantabria is an endless source of natural beaches, surrounded by the characteristic green tones of this autonomous region. One of the best places in Cantabria where you can confirm your love of the sea is Trengandín Beach, in Noja, where small rocks splash the sea forming a postcard image. A must see beach in Spain!

Playa de Trengandín, en Noja

Other beaches in Cantabria worth a visit are Berria, Oyambre, Los Locos and Langre.

If you can’t decide between beaches or hiking routes, Spain has a privileged environment where many destinations combine both options. The Basque Country (with its imposing San Juan de Gaztelugatxe), Tenerife, Malaga (with its famous Caminito del Rey), the Costa Brava and Galicia are some of the best areas in Spain to enjoy the perfect mix of sand, sea and mountains.

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