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Earn money with civitatis by becoming an affiliate
What products do you sell?

Civitatis.com offers a large selection of guided tours, activities, day trips and airport transfers in major cities worldwide. We are the Spanish-speaking market leader with over 500,000 annual clients.

Why choose Civitatis’ Affiliate Program to sell activities?
  • We are specialized in the English-speaking tourism market, which makes both our conversion ratio and our satisfaction index higher. Just compare our average rating of any of our tours. The reason is simple, our competitors provide tours in various languages and we only offer them in English.
  • We offer more commission per sale than our competitors, up to 100f the total amount.
  • Our customer service department answers in a 2-hour time frame, both before and after the travel. Our priority is the customer and not the supplier.
  • Although we don’t have millions of products, we provide unique services for the English market, such as guides of Tokyo, Kyoto, Beijing, Xi’an or Shanghai.
  • We are made in Spain and we’re creating wealth and employment in our country.
Is it expensive to join?

Not at all, it is completely free and there is no cost to stay.

What commission do you offer?

Initially we offer 8% commission for each sale, but have a commission based on the number of monthly sales, and it is possible to reach 10%.

  • Up to €1,000: 8% of the sales and €0.40 to assist the freetours.
  • From 1.000€ up to 5.000€: 9% of the sales and 0,45€ to assist the freetours.
  • From €5,000: 10% of the sales and €0.50 to assist the freetours.

The type of commission is adjusted depending on the last month’s sales. This means, that if in March you sell 3,000 euros worth of tours, in April you will get a 9% commission. If these objectives are too high for you, don’t worry, the objective is feasible, we have a very high conversion ratio and it is very easy to make money with us.

When will I be paid my sales commissions?

Commissions are paid a month after the service is carried out, regardless of when the service is booked. Meaning, for example, that all tours and transfers carried out in February will be paid in March.

The sales commissions are paid on a monthly basis provided that you reach a minimum of €50. Otherwise, they will accumulate for the following month.

What is the average sale?

Generally, our average sale is over €100, but there are numerous clients that buy several products or repeat when they go on other holidays.

However, please bear in mind that all markets are different and some sell more than others, for example, New York sells a lot more activities than Lisbon.

What products offer commissions?

All activities, guided tours, day trips and transfers. That is to say, all products provided directly by our local suppliers. We do not offer sale commissions for hotels, car rentals and flights, but you'll find specialized companies that do offer commissions for these types of commodities.

What happens when an activity is cancelled?

If a client cancels a booking, demands a refund or if there is any type of fraud, we will deduct that sales commission from your next payment.

How do I know how much I've sold?

Our affiliate program allows you to see the sales in real time, including what products have been sold, from which page the sale came from, when your commissions will be paid and a lot more useful information.

What happens if the client leaves civitatis.com?

When you send us a customer we insert a 30-day cookie in their computer, which means that if the customer visits our webpage again during this period, you will get the customer's commission.

How do I arrange the affiliate links?

Connecting to our website is very easy, you just have to copy the URL of any of our products and add the value ?aid=XXX, the letters XXX will be your affiliate number. For example, if you are the affiliate number 1.000 and you wish to add a link to the transfers in Rome, the link would be https://www.civitatis.com/en/rome/transfers/?aid=1000. It's easy isn't it?

How can I promote them?

An internal link is a lot more effective than a link to the homepage. Since we want you to be as effective as possible, you can link to any product on our website directly. For example, if you have a post about how to get from Brussels to Bruges, you would link your article to our day trip to Bruges from Brussels. You will see how you achieve a high conversion ratio. As experts, we will help you increase your sales.

Prohibited marketing channels

You may not bid for the Civitatis brand nor for any keyword related in Google Adwords, nor in any other contextual advertising network.

Do you offer the Affiliate Program on affiliation networks?

Since we want to give 100% of the commission to our affiliates, we don’t work with intermediaries or affiliation networks.

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