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What to See and Do in Sydney

What to See and Do in Sydney

Australia is a country that sparks the curiosity of travellers who love the exotic, who search for adventure, unique landscapes and a different way of life. Its most important city, Sydney, combines all of this: endless beaches for surfing, world-famous architecture, nightlife, unique plant and wildlife… So it can sometimes seem overwhelming figuring out what to see and do in Sydney.

Sydney is the perfect place to begin a different kind of trip, so here at Civitatis we’re proposing 7 different plans to make the most of your time in Australia’s most cosmopolitan city.

Cruising on the Sydney Harbour

Stretching out over ​​twenty kilometres, Sydney Harbour is one of the main attractions in the city and an the perfect way to see its most emblematic buildings: the Opera House and the famous Harbour Bridge.

This natural harbor is constantly packed with the yachts, ferries and sailboats that give this area of the city the lively and dynamic atmosphere Sydney is known for. A cruise around the bay is the best way to experience this, in comfort and with unique views.

Cruising on the Sydney harbour
Cruising on the Sydney harbour

Skywalk: only for the brave!

We’ve experienced many stunning views of cities around the world, but none as exciting as what Sydney has to offer: walking around the outside of a skyscraper itself! The Sydney Tower offers this to the most daring of travellers, who will walk on the glass floor of the second tallest building in Australia. With the ticket to the Sydney Tower, you will also enjoy dream views, 4D experience, interactive panels… But do you dare?

What to see and do in Sydney: Skywalk
Skywalk, The Sydney Tower’s most daring experience

Try the Revolving Restaurant

Enjoying a meal at an altitude of more than three hundred metres always guarantees an unforgettable evening. Well imagine if those views are three hundred and sixty degree, and they come to you! Imagine no longer, as the Sydney Tower’s revolving restaurant offers a panoramic view of the city, a comprehensive menu, and a unique experience where sights are served along with the food!

The Sydney Tower revolving restaurant

Climb Sydney’s most famous bridge

What to do in Sydney? Well, how about get up close and personal with perhaps the only sight which can compete with the world-famous Sydney Opera House: The Sydney Harbour Bridge. Although thousands upon thousands of cars cross it every day, very few can say they’ve climbed it using their own two feet!

If you’ve got a head for heights, we propose a morning high above the Bay Bridge. And if you want to see the city below in all its twinkling splendour, then you can also climb it at night!

What to do and see in Sydney: Climbing the Harbour Bridge
Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Explore the City in Comfort

Getting from one point to another in the city by foot or public transport can impact on how much we enjoy a trip. Nobody wants to spend their holiday underground, getting to know the subway system. If you are looking to save money, time and energy, the best option to explore Sydney is to use the tourist bus. This comfortable, open-top, double-decker bus will take you past the famous Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Tower and the mythical Bondi Beach.

The Sydney Tourist Bus
The Sydney Tourist Bus

Nightlife, Glamour, Cabaret

Sydney’s nightlife has plenty to offer: bars, shows, terraces and even boat trips. Sydney Harbor is a magical place at sunset, and a dinner cruise and cabaret show is the perfect combination to immortalise Sydney’s nightlife in your memory.

What to see in Sydney: Sunset over Sydney Harbour
Sunset over Sydney Harbour

A Bird’s Eye View of the City

The Opera House, the Harbour, the Sydney Tower, the port, Bondi Beach… The most iconic places in the city, from a totally unique perspective: flying through the air! A helicopter tour of the city, the biggest in Australia, will give you an idea of the size and diversity. Without a doubt the cherry on the cake, on our list of what to see and do in Sydney – but whatever you choose, you’re sure to fall in love with the magic of “The Emerald City”.

Flying above the Sydney Opera House
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