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The Best Tours for Science Lovers

The Best Tours for Science Lovers

Here at Civitatis, we’ve made this list of the best tours for science lovers, so you can let your smart side shine! Bunsen burners at the ready!

From the Kennedy space center in Florida to the Atomium in Brussels. The world is full of nods to science that any self-respecting science lover should discover. Seeing some of the most famous constellations in the sky and enjoying the northern lights of Finland, for example

Kennedy Space Center, Orlando

Many a child has dreamed of becoming an astronaut and now kids young and old can get close to it with a visit to the base that NASA built to launch their spacecraft!

At the Kennedy Space Center you can experience a “real” mission in outer space through stories, images and videos projected in IMAX cinemas. Some of the rockets and shuttles built during the space race are on display, such as the famous Apollo XI that first took man to the moon!

Kennedy Space Center (Florida)
Kennedy Space Center (Florida)

With this excursion to the Kennedy Space Center, you can live out your dream as a real-life astronaut!

City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia

Science, technology and the natural environment have also found their place in Valencia, Spain, in the Príncipe Felipe science museum, known as the City of Arts and Sciences. Curious about its famous Foucault pendulum? Its 34 meters in length make it one of the longest in the world!

As you complete your tour the permanent collection, you will discover some of the secrets that science hides in the most entertaining way possible! Learn while you play!

City of Arts and Sciences (Valencia)

Discover all this and more with a guided tour of the City of Arts and Sciences.

The Northern Lights in Rovaniemi: science in the skies of Finland

Find out about the origin of the Northern Lights phenomenon as you venture deep into the forests of Rovaniemi. Not only hard science, but throughout the evening, you will discover stories and legends that have emerged around this spectacular natural spectacle over the years.

Enjoy the spectacle offered by the night sky from the large frozen lake in the woods to take home an unforgettable memory of your trip to Finland.

The Northern Lights (Rovaniemi)
The Northern Lights (Rovaniemi)

Enjoy nature in all its splendour with this tour of the Northern Lights.

Brussels Atomium, Belgium

The famous 102 metre tall Brussels giant atom is perhaps one of the most iconic buildings in the world, but its size is not the only thing due to surprise you.

Inside is a collection inaugurated in 1948 for the World’s Fair, the first to be held since the Second World War, where you can discover the most innovative scientific ideas of the middle of the 20th century.

Atomium (Brussels): The Best Tours for Science Lovers
Atomium (Brussels)

Tour Europe’s most important observatory in Tenerife

Have you ever taken a look at the night sky and wished you could recognise what you are seeing? All about the night sky visit to the crystal clear skies over the Canary Islands with a visit to the Mount Teide Observatory, the most important in the European Union.

Find out how to distinguish the different stars on a tour perfect for all ages, accompanied by an English-speaking guide expert in astronomy. The perfect conditions and lack of light pollution has not only attracted telescopes from all around the world, but amateur stargazers too.

The clear sky over Mt. Teide
The clear sky over Mt. Teide
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