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Transfers in Corfu

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Covid-19 Measures

Please check local restrictions before traveling. All of our services comply with recommendations to avoid the spread of Covid-19.


  • P - How far ahead of time should I book my transfer?

    R -
    It is possible to book a private transfer service in Corfu with a minimum of 18 hours in advance
  • P - How long does the journey from the hotel to the airport take?

    R -
    The journey time between the Canea Airport and the city centre is 10 to 25 minutes. We recommend that you book your pick up 2 hours ahead of time.
  • P - What pick up time should I choose?

    R -

    For transfers beginning at the airport, you should indicate the time at which your flight is due to arrive. The same goes for cruise ports and train stations: you should indicate the planned arrival time.
    For transfers from your hotel, you should indicate when you would like to be picked up. That doesn't mean the flight time, rather the time you would like to be collected. 
    For shared transfers, orders may be modified by the provider. Should this be the case, we will contact you to confirm the rearranged time.

  • P - How long will the driver wait for me?

    R -
    • Airports: 1 hour from the plane's arrival time.
    • Cruise ports: 1 hour from the boat's docking time.
    • Tran stations: 15 minutes from the train's arrival time.
    • Hotels and apartments: 15 minutes from the time indicated when making your reservation.

    If for any reason you need more time, please ring the telephone number on your reservation. Should this be the case, supplements may apply

  • P - Where will the driver be waiting for me?

    R -
    • Airports: the driver will wait in the arrivals hall, just after luggage pick up.
    • Ports: the driver will wait in the arrivals terminal.
    • Train stations: the driver will wait at the exit of the train's arrival platform.
    • Hotels and apartments: the driver will wait outside the building. If it's possible to park, the driver may wait at reception.

    The driver will always wait with a sign bearing your name.


  • P - Are the prices final? Are there any extra charges?

    R -

    Unlike our competitors, our prices are final, and include all fees, including tolls and tips. Some extra charges may apply if the destination is not as arranged, or if an extra stop must be taken on the way.

  • P - How many people can travel in the vehicle?

    R -

    The number of seats indicated for each vehicle is the maximum number of people who can travel, excluding the driver. All passengers, including small children no matter the age, count.
    If your group is large, you should reserve more than one vehicle.

  • P - How many suitcases can I take?

    R -

    During the reservations process you can see the amount of luggage that each vehicle allows. Each vehicle comes with indications as to its maximum capacity for large suitcases and hand luggage.
    The maximum dimensions per type of suitcase are:

    • Hand luggage: total length, height and width adding up to no more than 115 cm.
    • Large suitcase: total length, height and width adding up to no more than 155 cm.
  • P - Are child seats available?

    R -

    During the reservation process you'll see information regarding child seats. Depending on the regulations in each destination, these may be obligatory or optional, and they may be free or imply an additional cost. You will see this cost added before booking.

  • P - How can I find out my flight number?

    R -

    The flight number is comprised of 2 characters that represent the airline, and 4 numbers for the flight number. Some examples are IB3506, UX1254, or 5Z1826. You can find your flight number on the airline's confirmation email.

  • P - Do I have to let someone know if my flight, boat, or train is delayed?

    R -

    Flights, trains and boats are constantly monitored, so you don't have to worry about getting in touch with us. Should the delay be large, if it's impossible to reprogram the transfer as there are no vehicles available, we'll refund the full amount paid.

  • P - Why do I need a working mobile phone?

    R -

    A working mobile phone is needed so we can call you should there be any emergency, such as a breakdown, or simply if the driver can't find you.

  • P - Who is responsible for a missed flight?

    R -

    The transfer company is never responsible for a missed flight. The clients are those who must know what time the flight leaves, and book pick up far enough ahead of time.

  • P - Is it possible to make various stops?

    R -

    If you're staying in different hotels, or you need to make a stop to pick up keys, this service comes with supplemental charges. Once you have made your reservation, we'll send you an email with the amount. You can accept or cancel the service at no cost. You can pay online or in-destination.

  • P - Can I share the vehicle with other people?

    R -

    We offer both private and shared transfers. In the case of private services, the vehicle will be for you alone. For shared transfers, you will share the vehicle with other passengers.

  • P - Will the driver speak English?

    R -

    Although in the majority of countries, the drivers will speak several languages, we can't guarantee that the driver assigned to you will speak English. Nonetheless, it shouldn't be necessary to complete the transfer, as the driver will have all the necessary details.

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Total price per vehicle

3 seat vehicle US$ 31.60
6 seat minivan US$ 39
8 seat minibus US$ 52.70

Our customers' reviews

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4 out of 4 reviews


11 / 10 / 2021



Nadie me ha venido a recoger . Me Han avisado tres horas antes de cover el vuelo. Lo he leido cuando Les estaba esperando fuera del aeropuerto. Si van a estar ocupadas Deben decirlo con tiempo para podernos organizar y powder contratar Otro vehiculo, no con el tiempo justo .

Sentimos que no pudieras disfrutar de este servicio. Hemos confirmado que el proveedor lo canceló por falta de disponibilidad de conductores. Hemos informado a los responsables pertinentes para que la situación no se repita. Te confirmamos que se ha tramitado el reembolso correspondiente.

I travelled by myself

10 / 12 / 2021

Josepa Muntadas


Nos tenían que recoger a las dos del mediodía delante de nuestro hotel, y no se presento nadie , a los quince minutos de esperar cogimos un taxi para nuestro traslado. Cuando ya estabamos en el aeropuerto nos llamaron por teléfono, diciendo que nos esperaban . Suponemos que llegaron al punto de recogida con mucho retraso de la hora convenida.

El conductor te estuvo esperando a la hora indicada. Preguntó por ti en la recepción del hotel y le dijeron que ya te habías marchado. Te llamó por teléfono tras 20 minutos esperándote y ya estabas en el aeropuerto. Sentimos que no pudieras localizarle, en estos casos recomendamos contactar con el proveedor a través de los datos que faciltiamos en el correo de confirmación de la reserva antes de coger un taxi por tu cuenta.

I travelled with friends

09 / 14 / 2021

Raul Garcia Garcia

Milán, Italy

Horrible!!! Después de contratarlo por 30€ dando la dirección de nuestro hotel, dos días antes, recibimos un email diciendo que debíamos pagar 62€ más porque nuestro hotel estaba lejos. Llegamos al aeropuerto y después de llamar varias veces a un teléfono de contacto de Holanda nos llegaron a decir que nos devolvían el dinero y nos buscáramos la vida tirados en el aeropuerto, incluso nos dijeron que no tenían conductores para nosotros. Una hora de espera para que cumplieran su contrato y luego r

El traslado ofertado es del aeropuerto hacia Corfú, a unos 15 o 20 minutos. Tu hotel, sin embargo, se encontraba en torno a una hora, fuera de los límites de la ciudad, de ahí el suplemento. Sentimos las molestias que esto haya podido significar. Sin embargo, hemos confirmado que nuestro equipo local te ofreció la posibilidad de cancelar el servicio y tomar un taxi desde el aeropuerto, si así lo preferías.

I travelled with teenagers

08 / 26 / 2021